Monday, December 20, 2010

Las Vegas Police Search for Missing Dancer: Deborah "Debbie" Flores-Narvaez

LAS VEGAS -- A performer on the Las Vegas Strip disappeared Sunday and hasn't been seen since. Thirty-one-year-old Deborah "Debbie" Flores-Narvaez didn't show up for rehearsal Sunday or for her show Monday.

Flores-Narvaez was last seen leaving the Onyx Apartments, where she lives. She moved to Las Vegas roughly two years ago to pursue a dancing career. According to her Facebook page, she has a law degree from the University of Baltimore and is a former Washington Redskins cheerleader. She is a native of Puerto Rico. Friends and family say she kept herself busy. She was a go-go girl at the Palms and danced in the Luxor's Fantasy show.

Debbie's father Carlos Flores says emotions are high. "It comes as a shock to the family," he said. "I try and shed the tears and all of that, and was sad, and didn't speak for quite a bit."

He says his daughter, who holds a master's degree and worked in the financial industry before performing in Las Vegas, would never leave home like this.

"They had a rehearsal, and I believe from a roommate that was informing me, that they were going to do another rehearsal," he said. "She just said, ‘We'll see you tonight,' and that was it. The other part that I hear is her ex-boyfriend saw her around 7:30, 8 p.m., stopped by quickly to his place or his apartment, and she mentioned she was on her way back home."

Debbie was also taking ballroom dancing classes. Her instructor says it is unlike her to be late or not show up. He calls her disappearance heartbreaking.

"It is just like losing one of the family," said Lupe Martinez. "When one of your family members is missing, you want to make sure that they're ok. So everybody is really worried right now and hopefully she's found safe."

Most of her family is in Atlanta, Georgia. Her sister says she is going to catch a flight to Las Vegas Friday.

"It is hard when you can't do something and you don't know where somebody is. It is hard when you can't talk to them -- can't communicate. It is hard when you can't pick up the phone and say, 'Hey, what are you doing?' It is hard when it is your sister. It is hard when it is someone you love," said Celeste Flores-Navarez.

As Debbie's family members plead for her safe return, they also face the awful possibility they may never see her alive again.

"We're hoping for the best positive, but we also have to be prepared for the worst. So, it won't be double shock," Carlos Flores said. Mr. Flores says the last time the family spoke with Debbie, nothing seemed wrong or unusual.

Flores-Narvaez is 5 feet, five inches tall and weighs 120 pounds. She has brown hair and brown eyes. Police say she drives a maroon, four-door, 1997 Chevrolet Prism with Maryland license plates 73547CD.

Anyone with information about Flores-Narvaez is asked to contact the missing persons detail at (702) 828-2907 .


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