Sunday, July 26, 2009

Michael Jackson Rest In Music - August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009

So I think it's been a while since I wrote a real blog. Its been a while since I've really expressed any of the crazy junk that's been going on. So many ups and downs that I really just don't know how to handle it anymore.

So first thing is first Rest in Peace Michael Jackson. I have a lot of personal feelings and thoughts about the bull isht people have been saying since his passing. I was gonna address that separately but since its here and I've been putting it off...I'll address it now. By the way, thanks to Rhymefest for encouraging me to get it all out. Everything happens for a reason like he and everyone has been saying. So while everybody else pulled out there Michael Jackson vinyls, mp3s and cds...I loaded up a couple of my fav MJ and Prince songs and threw them in a mix with Rhymefest Man in the Mirror mixtape.
I feel like it was one of the last cds to really show (even using old footage) Michael with personality and how much of just a regular person he prolly was.
I've been asked by a lot of people, why do I care? Why do I miss Michael Jackson? My reply is always generally the same. One, naturally because of his music, and two because I feel he had a better grasp of life than many of us.
People fail to realize and understand his ideology and theories about life.
The Bible says the purest mind is that of a child and that child like mind is what he wanted to hold on to. I greatly doubt he did anything to any of those children. He just didn't seem like the type. Also he was acquitted twice but beyond that people forget the exact examples of why they accuse him is commonly the same thing people do in general. Besides if you don't know somebody, why would you leave your child alone with them?? But wait, we do that every day when we send our kids to schools. When u send your kids to day care. When you leave your kids with the baby sitter. I know everybody will argue this that and the other but I will always stand behind what I feel and believe. Michael didn't do anything to kids. He was an amazing entertainer, vocalist, and humanitarian.
This has been a tragic loss to the world in general. Michael was one of the few artist that crossed genres, race, and political division lines. When he spoke the world listened. Even if you didn't like him, you still heard and was aware when he spoke.. Who do we have now that has that pull?? No one. Not even Obama. After he got in office the world wasn't as tuned in and looking for his message. Is change happening? Yes. For better or worse? Should've tuned in.
Now I don't want to generalize and say we all turned off our patriotic headphones but many have. All of this is generally to say; rest in peace Michael Jackson. I pray your legacy lives on through your family, your children, and all of us.



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