Friday, January 29, 2010

BloggeRhythms: Plight of A Color That Loves ART

Greetings. I am ORANGE.
I've had something on my little COLOR heart that has been bugging me for a little bit of a while now.
I have dedicated so much time and effort to promoting, boosting, retweeting, pushing, and/or marketing other DMV artist ish, that I really wonder if any of them will do the same for me when I start dropping records again. The idea of a huge DMV conglomerate is hard to imagine. Thing is, if it could or would happen, we would be a force unable to be ignored. So many areas have that benefit right now. New York, Atl, L.A., Detroit, Houston, Chicago. These artist all come together in their respective areas and boost each other to the masses on another level. The concept of a young dude like Kanye West working with a Chi-town legend such as Twista or Common is almost unheard of in the DMV. Some collaborations have occured such as Whitefolkz with Southeast Slim, or Wale with Uptown XO, but Nike Nando or Lyriciss should be able to have songs with Wale or Rare Essence. Just the real ability to have everything come full circle and really show the connection and build of the DMV nation. There is progress being made, but there is still so much work to do. Hopefully we will reach those supportive lanes some day soon.

Now please don't misinterpret my efforts as me trying to line up support for myself later. I sincerely support the artist that I support because I absolutely believe in their ART. Their lyrics, their music, their message, abilities, efforts are all things that I personally believe in and support. Either way support from others or not, long as people continue to make good music, I will continue to support good music. YOMESANE!


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