Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year

Peace Peace All!!!
The sun as come over the horizon of a new year. I pray and hope you all had wonderful celebrations. Funny how on New Year's eve we all have our resolutions locked in our minds and our closest loved ones in our arms as though one life is coming to an end and we are beginning a new one. Now this isn't to be a sour patch BUT the journey to greatness and development never stops and you can't keep restarting when the new year rolls around. Always push to continue and reach a point beyond where u were before. Life doesn't restart because it's a new year, the calendar keeps moving forward.
This is all to say that my assault on the world around YOU is not just beginning but has been a puzzle that I've been piecing together for years. My life really changed when I got fired from my job back in July of 09. So I've been laying the foundation and racking my brain to make sure that what is to come for this new year will be everything not expected of me and more. We all have a long arduous journey forward to our goals. Don't lose sight of those goals. Focus and achieve and the world the rest of the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place. I leave you will a great song from The Five One. It is from their remix compilation album. Live, Laugh, Love, Grow, Gain, and Give. Our time is has been for a while. Happy New Year to you all. Let's make 2010 everything the other years should have been and more.

@TheFiveOne - Need You More(Daft Punk)


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